Popcorn Bar


Planning a party? Try this unique, tasty & different idea for your next wedding reception, gathering, event or celebration your guests will simply LOVE.

Looking for a different idea to impress your guests? THE POPCORN BAR from the Kandied Kernel Popcorn Shop! Who doesn’t love popcorn? Young and old, everyone loves to munch on popcorn, and why not offer a gourmet version to your party goers. It’s easy and affordable, that’s perfect for any occasion… Popcorn… It makes any party POP!

Bushels bursting with fresh popped corn make the perfect holder to provide your guests with some gourmet treats. Chocolates, nuts, candy or cheeses…there is no limit to the fun things we can do with popcorn!

Our fresh Kotton Kandy is a perfect treat! Our prepackaged Kotton Kandy comes in several options. Please call to discuss.

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